How to choose a hot stamping machine?

2018-08-29 16:16:48

How to choose a hot stamping machine?

Desktop hot stamping machine: suitable for flat and limited size materials, there are certain restrictions on the size of the material

Advantages: Multi-purpose, combined with the function of stamping machine die-cutting machine, the result is fixed balance, self-contained pressure, hot stamping pattern is clear and full.

Disadvantages: Limit the size of the material. If the material is too large, it may not be stamped in the center.

Portable hot stamping machine: suitable for all kinds of materials, there is no limit to the size of hot stamping materials.

Advantages: small and convenient, the position of hot stamping is more flexible, does not limit the material size, and is often used for wood, cake and other materials.

Disadvantages: The machine itself has no pressure, it is necessary to manually apply pressure and master the balance, the effect needs manual control.